Use any fishing rod and fish off the pier into the ocean between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. If you do not get one the first time, try again the next day.

Win the Chicken Festival. The next day you will get a Golden Size Egg on the floor next to the other eggs, if you have any other chickens that lay eggs.

When you go up to Mother's hill, go to the Cheddar Tree. When you look around on that part you may see a bug or two. Pick it up, then show them to people. They will give you something in return on certain days such as Saturdays and Sundays.

When Rick asks if you can take care of his chickens, answer "Yes". When you take one egg and put it in the incubator, he will take the chickens away but not the egg. The egg will become a chick and grow up and lay eggs.

2 Louis
4 Bold(purple Harvest Sprites)
11 Saibara The Blacksmith
15 Staid(blue Harvest Sprites)
16 Elli
17 Barley
19 Lillia (popuri Mom)
20 Elli (if You Birthday 16 Spring)
26 Aqua (light Blue Harvest Sprites)
29 Greg The Fisherman
30 Sasha (karen Mom)

3 Popuri
4 Harris The Policeman
6 Cliff
10 Popuri (if You Birthday 3 Summer)
11 Basil (mary Dad)
16 Timid (green Harvest Sprites)
17 Ann
22 Kai And Ann (if You Birthday 17 Summer)
25 Mayor Thomas
29 Zack The Buyer

2 Gotz The Carpenter
5 Stu (elli Brother)
10 Hoggy (yellow Harvest Sprites)
11 Manna (aja Winery)
14 Chef (red Harvest Sprites)
15 Karen
17 Doctor
20 Pastor Carter
23 Anna (mary Mom) And Karen (if You Birthday 15fall)
27 Rick (poultry Farm)

2 Kano The Photografer
6 Gray (saibara Grandson)
13 Ellen (elli Grandma)
15 Duke (aja Winery)
19 Won (misterious Salesman)
20 Mary
22 Nappy (orange Harvest Sprites)
25 Mary (if You Birthday 20 Winter)
26 May (barley Grand Daughter)
29 Jeff (supermarket)

Go up to the lake on Mother's hill (with the little island on it). Throw three cucumbers in the water. Note: You must be in front of the two little trees at the top.

Wait until all of your sheep and cows are sleeping. Go in there barn at 9:00pm and it will be easier for you to brush All of them without missing any.

When you are able to ride your horse entre the horse festival on the 18th of spring.If you come first(1st) you and your horse will get your picture taken by the other guy that lives at the mayor's house.And when you return home there will be a picture of you and your horse in a photo frame on top of the book case.

Fish with any fishing rod in the pond which is in the secret underground cavern in Winter. If you do not get one the first time, try again the next day.

Do not get any upgrades. Just use your tools until they are all at 400%, then get a Blue Minstrel for each of them. You only pay 5000G instead of a total of 11,000G for each individual upgrade.
Do not get the fourth and last upgrade for the watering can. The third upgrade reaches the same amount of squares as does the fourth.


Ingredients: Apple*

Seasonings: sugar

Utensils: Pot


Ingredients: Butter, Egg, Flour, Apple*

Seasonings: sugar

Utensils: Knife, Oven, Rolling Pin, Pot


Ingredients: Bamboo Shoot, Rice Ball

Seasonings: none

Utensils: none


Ingredients: Egg

Seasonings: None

Utensils: Pot


Ingredients: Milk

Seasonings: None

Utensils: Mixer


Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Egg

Seasonings: Sugar

Utensils: Whisk, Oven


Ingredients: Cheese, Milk, Egg

Seasonings: Sugar

Utensils: Oven, Pot, Whisk


Ingredients: Cheese, Bread

Seasonings: none

Utensils: Pot


Ingredients: Rice Balls, Scrambled Eggs, Sashimi

Seasonings: Vinegar

Utensils: Knife